Should you go on a honeymoon before you’re married?

Posted on April 22, 2017 in Africa, Blog, Places to See

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The thirties are strange.

If I could transport myself back a decade, at the ripe age of 21, I would have thought thirty was just so old. I would have figured all my hair would be grey, my waistline long gone, and that white picket fence fully installed.

But other than feeling a little surer in my own skin, I haven’t changed that drastically since my twenties.

Maybe I’m greyer than I’d like to admit, but thirty isn’t old!

In comparison to many, I’m still a child.

I still think about travel. All. The. Time.

As evident by the fact I just had to renew another passport seven years early due to running out of pages.

I’m still not 100% sure where and when I’m going to settle down.

I guess the wheels of that future train are in motion and sooner or later I’ll have to sit down and actually start planning that wedding Kieran so kindly asked me to have with him.

Our problem in progressing to that next step is (maybe) an understandable one: every time we start planning a wedding, we end up planning a vacation.

So rather than fight our nature, we put the nuptials on hold and started staring at the globe.

We ended up going to on a romantic trip to Mauritius, which was supposed to be a kiteboarding holiday. Unfortunately for us, that world famous kiteboarding lagoon we were staying beside experienced eight days of an unusual calm. Luckily for us, we were able to make the most of it since the stunningly beautiful island was easily explored by bike, car and on foot.

Now that we’re back, our wedding is taking the backseat once again as we plan our next set of holidays.

Think we’re silly to put off the ceremony?

Here are three reasons planning a honeymoon is way better than planning a wedding:


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1. It’s all in the details.

Every time I log onto the computer it seems GoogleAds has my number.  The advertisements I’m subjected to include: buying my bridesmaid the perfect dress, print makers that can send me the perfect invitations, toenail polish that says I love you, crafty things to give as our favours, DIY divas I simply must follow and obey, etc.

Never do these ads get a click.

My friend introduced me to the term ‘wedmin’ after she spent countless hours doing administrative work for getting her wedding in order.  Sure, she got married in a fairytale setting at a castle in England but the preparations sounded exhausting.

What captures my imagination is not what centerpiece best reflects us, but the dreamy landscapes and lush mountainscapes with cobalt blue skies behind them.

Daily details such as whether to choose a bike ride, a kiteboarding session, a kayak paddle or far too long in bed.

Yes, that sounds like my fairytale.


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2. Dinners for two.

Food and booze are probably the most standard things when planning a wedding but when looking up briefly what catering costs are, it can get pretty nuts.

To put it in perspective, one venue we eyed up the food costs for 50 people was the same as us flying all the way from Whitehorse, Yukon to Le Morne, Mauritius. And back.

It was less expensive for both of us to journey half way across the world, with over 48 hours of flying to start our near month long vacation. We enjoyed two weeks safariing in South Africa in two different regions in addition to the 10 days oceanfront in one of Mauritius’ best hotels which included so many amazing dinners for two.

Now that is what I call a good deal.


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3. A photo always shows your good angle when you’re in paradise. 

Choosing a wedding photographer is a BIG decision. Some photographers truly make magic and can really display a sense of love or excitement in their images.

And them some make the bridal party look like stand-ins for the B-roll from a Sears Catalog.

In a town of 30,000 – photography options aren’t exactly plentiful and our estimates were around the $3000 if we were going to hire a professional.

For $1700 we got a drone, for $60 we bought an underwater attachment for our GoPro and we took those on our vacation.

Couples shots on abandoned roadways, surrounded by sugar and banana plantations?


Dreamy beach shots at sunset when it’s only the two of us?


A wonderful video that will remind us of the precious time we had?

Check. It. Out.




Who knows – maybe to some planning a honeymoon before the wedding is selfish. But in my opinion, we’re living in a time where people prioritize their savings to make their boho-chic Pinterest wedding a reality. For us, making memories with the one you love while actually doing things is more important.

The majority of weddings I’ve attended has cost the newlyweds over $40,000.  Did they realize how many holidays that equals?

I’ll take the shabby chic BBQ wedding with nature as my decorator whenever it comes around, and look happily into Kieran’s eyes when the time comes to say ‘I do’.

And if our wedding is a little rough around the edges, at least we can say ‘we’ll always have Mauritius’.


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Many thanks to Riu Le Morne for hosting us for 10 days in the most gorgeous corner of the island. It was an absolute pleasure to wake up in the shadow of the granite peaks of Le Morne Brabant mountain, to be surrounded by palms and watch the emerald coloured waves roll in.
We couldn’t have planned our pre-wedding-honeymoon any better.



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